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Our Latest Works.

Fenrir team was formed last July (07/2014). We are a new team so we haven't had many projects but we will fill it up w/ high quality products. We are a team that consists of only talented, passionated and cool people. We do not only programming but also many things such as Web Design, mobile programming, automation, game programming, movie editing and more.

We work very aggresive if we think it is fun project and we can enjoy. If we feel 'meh~', we even don't look at it. Once we are interested in a project, we rush to the goal like crazy.

Our Awesome Services.

Below is the list what we provide. We do programming, mobile progamming, game programming, system engineering, automation engineering, video editing, web programming and web design.
Let us know what do you think.


We make command line tool to GUI Application. We love to use Java and Python, but we don't care. If you want to make an application, we can publish it for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Apple iOS and Web application.

Video Editing

Video editing is one of our favorite project. We love visual things such as design or video editing as well. Let us show you what we can do.

Mobile Programming

We also provide mobile programming. We build apps for your project. We can publish it for Android, iOS, Amazon Fire and Web mobile depends on your project characteristic and requirements.

Game Programming (Unity 3D)

We do game programming as well. Mostly, we use Unity 3D to create a game. The strongest point of Unity 3D is that we can publish our game to multiplatform.

Web Design

We love Design. We love visual art. We love to create an artistic result. So we do video editing and web design. Also, we do web programming and web service.

System / Automation

We also setup the system. Do you want to have your own system or servers at your place? Let us do. Also you want to run your project by itself? We do Automation as well.

Who are we

We are a small team but specialized and talented one. We are day dreamers and try hard to make our dreams come true. Our dream is the motivation of our passion. Let's meet the team.

Team Fenrir


Team leader

Founder of Fenrir Systems
Java / Python programmer
Mobile programmer (Android / iOS)


Lead Designer

Founder of Choasoft
Web programming, Web front / End programming
Web Design, Video Editiing

Ice Phoenix

Game programmer

Unity 3D programmer
Unreal Engine programmer
3D Modeler

DJ Awakening

System Engineer

DJing / Remix
System Engineer
QA / Automation Engineer

What we learn.

This is a blog link. We will post tips, tech, or new things what we learned.
So we can share it with anyone. Here is the link:

Fenrir Blog Link